sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

With the smell of Christmas

It's nice to be at home.... home sweet home
with the smell of Christmas, to Santa Claus and Baby Jesus
and all my dreams are coming true
and the flowers blossom red and blue.
White and green when my heart pours the beauty of life
from the golden light that opened my eyes
when Baby Jesus touched my heart.
When my days are dark, the essence of love purifies my mind
in such a way that birds sing
a Christmas song with a chorus of angels and
I rejoice thanking God for this amazing and lovely
poinsettia moment.
My heart sinks in the deepest sea
without hugs and love in my dusty days
but when the melodies of Christmas sound
after twelve midnight, a spark of light
illuminates my days. So mote it be.
Ivette Mendoza